Anita Blake: The First Death by Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake: The First Death
Author: Laurel K. Hamilton, Jonathon Green, Brett Booth, Wellington Alves
Genre: Graphic Novel/ Urban Fantasy
Series: Anita Blake #0.5
Goodreads Rating: 4.07/5
Synopsis: Her fans have been asking for it – now, Laurell K. Hamilton delivers a look into Anita Blake’s past! Written by Laurell K. Hamilton herself, along with Jonathon Green, The First Death takes place almost a year before the events being chronicled in Guilty Pleasures. Witness the first meeting of Anita and Jean-Claude, Anita’s first time inside Guilty Pleasures, her first serial-killer case, and an early encounter with Edward. Prepare to be thrilled by this original story produced especially for comics! Collects Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The First Death #1-2 and Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures Handbook.
✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯ 
What I thought about the book: Set before the novels, we see when Anita meets Jean-Claude for the first time and how she gets the cross scar on her arm. She tells this story in one of the books as well (might have been Guilty Pleasures, not sure), so this fan-requested look into Anita’s past that we’re getting is one we’re familiar with. I got excited when I saw Edward on the cover, I think he’s one the most interesting and underused characters in the series. I thought this would be a story of Anita’s early days on a job with him but he’s barely in it!!
I got excited when I saw Edward on the cover, I think he’s one of the most interesting and underused characters in the series. I thought this would be a story of Anita’s early days as a hunter with him but he’s barely in it!!
Bit of a waste of time to be honest. The artwork is great though.
✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯     ✯
My Rating: 
2 paws
anita blake vampire hunter sigmund world penguin day

The Life of a Necromancer’s Toy Penguin

Since it’s World Penguin Day today I decided to honour Anita Blake’s toy penguin, Sigmund. Poor guy has been through a lot (FYI I’m only part way through this series so if something has happened to this little guy, don’t tell me!!!).

We first meet Sigmund in Guilty Pleasures, the first Anita Blake book by Laurell K. Hamilton. Anita cuddles up with him in bed after a rough day on the job (which is pretty much every day for Anita). 

“I locked the door, for what good it would do me, and went to bed. The Browning Hi-Power was in its second home, a modified holster strapped to the headboard of my bed. The crucifix was cool metal around my neck. I was as safe as I was going to be and almost too tired to care.

I took one more thing to bed with me, a stuffed toy penguin named Sigmund. I don’t sleep with him often, just every once in a while after someone tries to kill me. Everyone has their weaknesses. Some people smoke. I collect stuffed penguins. If you won’t tell, I won’t.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures

Sigmund isn’t Anita’s only penguin but he is her favourite. He’s the one that keeps her safe at night. She’s even tempted to take him on a ‘sleepover’ to Jean Claudes. Unfortunately, he and his buddies tend to get a little bloody when the bad guys dare to break into Anita’s home (and make it all the way to her room….the jerks!).

anita blake vampire hunter sigmund

He has had made such an impression with fans, he’s got some awesome fanart now!

sigmund by DayanElohim on DeviantArt

He doesn’t appear as much anymore sadly. I’m pretty sure he only existed to show that Anita was a complex individual with many facets. She’s a merciless vampire hunter but she’s soft and squishy too…. by now her character is very well established and we don’t see things like this so much.

You can get your very own Sigmund from Hamilton’s website store.

As far as the Anita Blake series goes, I’ve almost given up on it. I finished The Harlequin (book #15) this year and I just don’t know how I feel. You can read my review for the book here. The series becomes less about story and more about sex with a lot of men in later books. Book #26 is expected to be released this year, for the series to get that far something must happen right?…. Right?? I just don’t want to give up on the series! Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment.

It’s World Book Night!

It’s Wolrd Book Night tonight!! I’m so excited by the prospect of a worldwide event dedicated to reading! It’s so awesome!

“World Book Night is a national celebration of reading and books which takes place on 23 April every year. Books are given out across the UK with a focus on reaching those who don’t regularly read, and are gifted through organisations including prisons, libraries, colleges, hospitals, care homes and homeless shelters, as well as by passionate individuals who give out their own books within their communities.

World Book Night is run by The Reading Agency, a national charity that inspires people to become confident and enthusiastic readers.” – From the World Book Night website

The organisation has compiled a great list of books to check out here in case you need some inspiration.

Tonight is also Cosy Reading Night which is a lovely BookTube event/readathon/dunno what to call it from Lauren and the Books. Lauren is one of my absolute favourite booktubers, she has such a lovely friendly energy in all of her videos and she recommends great books.

I was so excited to join in in this one but I have a big disgusting cold sore on my lip so I am not doing any video until that thing is off my face! I will still take part though and maybe blog about it here or on Instagram.

It’s also Shakespeare’s birthday today (busy busy day in bookland today!) I was going to watch Macbeth but himself seems to have taken over the telly. Maybe tomorrow…

Anyway, I’m off to pick my books for tonight. I think I’ll read a graphic novel and some urban fantasy (it’s been awhile).

What will you read tonight?

Happy Birthday Will!!

Happy birthday Mr Shakespeare!

I haven’t really read that much Shakespeare. I recently read Macbeth and loved it. I read Romeo and Juliet in school and hated it. I also read Hamlet in school but can’t remember anything about it… I hated Romeo and Juliet because I thought they were both so stupid to go and kill themselves because they were in “love”!! Especially since Romeo was madly in “love” a few days beforehand with someone else. But I can admit I like the idea behind the story. I’d love some recommendations on which of his works you think I should try next.

I recently watched Anonymous (well I watched about half) which follows the theory that Shakespeare’s plays were actually written by Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford. It portrayed Shakespeare as a kind of tricksy actor out for a quick buck. I wasn’t really impressed with it which is why I only watched half. Pretty good cast though.

Another terrible Shakespear movie is Shakespeare in Love. This one won Oscars. I lost all faith in the Oscars after that. (I don’t mean to poo poo it, if you really loved it, just ignore me. We all have unsavoury opinions) 

Since I enjoyed Macbeth so much I think I’ll watch the recent movie adaption to celebrate. It looks pretty dark and bloody….perfect for celebrating someone’s birthday!

What’s your favourite Shakespeare movie adaption? Have you read many of his plays?


What are you reading?

What are the reading plans this weekend folks? I’m hoping to get Slade House finished today. I have about 100 pages left so should get it done. It’s pretty good… nothing amazing but I am enjoying it. Good creepy story.


I’m listening to Eligible….not sure what I think about it. It’s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice and I think the author has done a good job converting the story to modern day but I dunno…. it might be the narrator I’m not feeling. I don’t like the voice she puts on for Liz.


So what are you reading this weekend? Have you read either of those books?

Books are boring?

Good morning, everyone!

I’m a little late with this one today, I had to go out and get milk for my coffee. Can’t write without coffee!!! I’m not feeling well today so I’m going to spend the day reading. I love that state of being unwell where you can enjoy reading for hours and not feel guilty about it. Bliss!

It’s World Book Festival here this week. There are workshops, speaking events, and kiddie events going on. It sounds like loads of fun but looking through the brochure I didn’t find too much to interest me.

There seems to be a focus on literary fiction (which I’ve noticed tends to be the focus a lot in Ireland). I enjoy the odd literary fiction book but it’s not what I read the most. There is a talk on Folklore and Exploration that looks interesting. (For more info on the Book Festival go here.)

I don’t understand the focus on literary fiction here. Ireland is known for magic and myths, why does so much of our popular literature seem so depressing and serious?

Several people have told me they don’t read books because they’re boring! Books are so far from boring! Is it because all the books they hear about look serious and moody or is it because the last book they read was required reading for school (which may take a lot of the fun out)? Maybe they think there’s no point because anything good will be made into a movie?

It was mentioned to me recently as well that audiobooks don’t count as reading because reading is meant to be work. This really surprised me. Reading has never felt like work to me (except maybe in school). Reading is so much fun! When I think back on books I’ve read and listened to, I can’t differentiate between the two because it all ends up the same inside my head. My memories of the stories are visual, not textual (Please tell me I’m not the only nutter like this).

So what do you think? Have you noticed this trend towards promoting mainly literary fiction? Do you know people who think reading is boring? How do you find out about books you enjoy?

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