100 Romance Books You Must Read Before You Die

I came across this romance books website today, XOXO After Dark, and they have a very interesting list of 100 Romance Books You Must Read Before You Die. I’m very sad to say I’ve only read about 3 books from the list… my excuse is that I tend to read series… There are a good few books that are on my TBR mentioned though. It’s a sign I must read them soon!!

Anywho, check out the list and let me know how many books you’ve read from it.




  1. I did worse than you…2! Both of them paranormal romance reads. Hmmm. Time to get some conventional romance reading done, I think! Also, some of those covers were epic!

  2. I win – zero! I’ve read zero! Lol. Well technically I’m about 100 pages into Outlander but that’s it. Some of those covers were so outrageously awkward and cheesy! Lol. I was named after a romance novel so I’m a little ashamed that I’ve read none of them

    1. That is quite the claim to fame!! You have to at least read the one you’re named after! Oh, the covers!! Thank god for ebooks or else I would be embarrassed to be seen with some of the books I read lol

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