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Get Ready with Me & Christina Rossetti

I recently watched a Get Ready With Me video from Cheap Lazy Vegan where she overlayed a speech instead of music or a voiceover. I really enjoyed it and wanted to try it out myself. The makeup I'm doing is just my everyday makeup (though I don't actually wear makeup every day). Since I have a book …

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What are you reading?

What are the reading plans this weekend folks? I'm hoping to get Slade House finished today. I have about 100 pages left so should get it done. It's pretty good... nothing amazing but I am enjoying it. Good creepy story. I'm listening to Eligible....not sure what I think about it. It's a retelling of Pride …

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Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick

Title: Scrappy Little Nobody   Author: Anna Kendrick   Genre: Autobiography   Goodreads Rating: 3.98/5   Goodreads Link   Synopsis: A collection of humorous autobiographical essays by the Academy Award-nominated actress and star of Up in the Air and Pitch Perfect. “I’m excited to publish my first book, and because I get uncomfortable when people have …

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Fool Moon – Jim Butcher

Title: Fool Moon   Author: Jim Butcher   Genre: Urban Fantasy   Series: The Dresden Files #2   Goodreads Rating: 4/5   Goodreads Link   Why I read this:   Synopsis: Harry Dresden--Wizard Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.Business has been slow. Okay, business …

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