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Get Ready with Me & Christina Rossetti

I recently watched a Get Ready With Me video from Cheap Lazy Vegan where she overlayed a speech instead of music or a voiceover. I really enjoyed it and wanted to try it out myself. The makeup I'm doing is just my everyday makeup (though I don't actually wear makeup every day). Since I have a book …

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Poetry Recommendations

Hello readers! I read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur recently and couldn't help but notice how different it is to all the poetry I read in school. That poetry I found difficult to understand but Milk and Honey I understood easily. I'm a little unsure of my feelings towards the formatting and content but …

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Poetry Day – Christina Rossetti

It's Poetry Day and since I recently read Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones I decided to write about Christina Rossetti. Rossetti was an English poet during the 19th-century who wrote a variety of romantic, devotional and children's poems. The poem featured in Wintersong was, of course, Goblin Market. I recommend listening to this reading of the poem. …

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