Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone!! You all helped make 2017 great for me so thank you 😊 Looking forward to more book chats in 2018.


Morning Coffee Chit Chat

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes Good morning! How are we all doing today? Morning Coffee is a new feature I'm working on. I'm not sure yet what I want it to be..... It's kind of a chatty life update type …

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Radio Silence

I haven't posted in aaages because myself and my husband have been celebrating our first anniversary all weekend!! First anniversary is paper so we got each other a bunch of books. (I wish they were all paper!) I'm really loving the colouring books, they're brilliant for when listening to audiobooks. I think I have a …

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July’s Reading List

Bit late with July's reading list (I've been feeling lazy). Read a good bit of historical romance last month, which I normally wouldn't read that much of. Unless there's lots of vampires and werewolves of course....anyway here's the list: Click a book to go to review. In Vino Veritas - Karen Chance Wicked Ride - …

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As I read….The Iron Duke

I am in love!!! Definitely a series I could binge but I want to stick to my reading plan this month. And I just love the cover!! This one is way better than the other one with just the guys chest on it...


Reading stats so far this year

91 books in 2016! I appear to be a reading machine this year! Truth be told, I haven't really read that much. Just seems it since Goodreads counts short stories, novellas, and graphic novels as books too (although, what actually constitutes a book?...). I read so little in 2015 and 2014 because our wedding was …

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as I read…

Definitely experienced this with Jane Steele. Review will be up tomorrow.


As I read… Jane Steele

I'm taking a much needed break from all the hot and heavy romances I've been reading lately, and reading a murderous retelling of Jane Eyre. I've never actually read Jane Eyre but I've read another retelling and I've seen the most recent movie. The other retelling I read was pretty bad, this one is shaping …

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Happy Friday

I'm spending my night with a glass (bottle) of wine and reading. I should be finished this fairy book soon and then I can start something new (woohoo). Not really feeling this book, to be honest. I will explain all in my write up tomorrow or Sunday and you can check out my as I …

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as I read…Forever Fae

Reading Forever Fae by L.P. Dover today. This only the second series I've ever read that centres on the fae. The first was Merry Gentry by Laurell K. Hamilton. Anyone who has ever read her work will know her books are pretty much just about sex. In spite of that, though, I really enjoyed her …

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